The BuPiGo is an open, extensible platform for visually guided swarm robotics.  Check out this paper submitted to the Swarm Robotics track of BICT 2015 for some background.

The following table summarizes the main components of the platform with links to vendor websites.

Component Quantity Cost (USD)
Bubblescope mirror 1 38.36
Raspberry Pi 2 1 35.00
Raspberry Pi Camera 1 29.95
MinSegMega 1 47.00
Pixy 1 69.00
Servo 1 10.95
Servo Hat for Pi 1 17.50
Lego NXT Motors 2 24.99
Ball Caster 1 1.99
Li-Poly Batteries 2 16.95
Pi Power 1 18.00
XT60 Connectors 2 1.50
Rocker Switches 2 1.50
Standoffs 8 1.54
Subtotal 369.95


This table does not include hardware such as nuts, bolts, and standoffs.  The other major items not included are the 3D printed base, the top acrylic platform, and the lower acrylic strut.  There is a wide variety of pricing options on such items.  A rough estimate of total cost is $500 (USD), which does not include labour, taxes, or shipping.

The following files are provided to help you create your own Bupigo:

  • bupigo_v6.skp: The Sketchup model for the robot.  This is good for reference, but the files below are what you need to actually create the necessary parts.
  • bupigo_v6_mount.stl: The mount to connect the Raspberry Pi camera to the Bubblescope.  Note: This part has broken several times.  We are considering ways of strengthening it.
  • bupigo_v6_base.stl: The base of the robot.
  • bupigo_v6_platform.dxf: The top acrylic mounting platform.
  • bupigo_v6_strut.dxf:  The lower acrylic strut to support the batteries.


We also intend to publish here our software used to control the BuPiGo.  At the moment we are still undergoing testing.